The Benefits of Using Subtitle for Non-Native Speakers

June 13, 2022

Subtitle has been used for films and videos for a long time but it gets the spotlight in recent years thanks to the advancement of technology. In the eyes of content creators, the subtitle is a vital part of the content to increase searchability. However, the subtitle is not only helpful in terms of technology but also for non-native speakers. Speaking a non-native speaker refers to people whose first language is not English and thus they need subtitles whenever watching a film or video. Subtitles for non-native speakers can be written in English or translated into local languages. Here are some benefits of subtitles for non-native speakers. 

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Comprehension and Literacy

Subtitle increases comprehension and literacy and becomes an advantage to language learning. Regardless of age, subtitle improves reading comprehension for all audiences. They have to work on both reading and listening abilities when watching a film with subtitles. For anyone who is currently learning English, this can be helpful because they can improve literacy and comprehension at the same time. 

Vocabulary Enrichment

Using subtitles for film and video enriches vocabulary acquisition especially when written in English. When you are learning English, it is better to choose English subtitles so you can improve your vocabulary with new words from films and videos. In addition, subtitle also establishes a connection between meaning and form thus you can understand the context of the preferred word. 

Information Retention

Non-native speakers use a subtitle to help them understand a film and video better. In most cases, subtitle increases information retention as they can read the dialogue of the characters. This is particularly helpful when a subtitle is translated into local languages. While translated subtitle does not help much with language learning, it presents the information in a way audience can understand easily. 

Better Accessibility 

There are lots of cases where people cannot watch film or video with the sound on. People with hard of hearing rely on subtitles when watching films or videos to help them understand the context. In other cases, audiences may unable to watch a film or video due to a quiet situation thus they use a subtitle. 


In general, subtitle helps with audiences’ enjoyment when watching a film or video. It gives them the chance to understand the context with written text displayed at the bottom of the screen. For those who are learning English, the subtitle for non-native speakers help improve language abilities such as vocabulary enrichment, reading and listening comprehension, and many more. In addition, subtitle gives access for people in certain condition to easily access a film or video without a barrier. 

Adding subtitles to a film or video becomes mandatory in this digital era. It serves lots of purposes from both audience's and content creators' points of view. Despite the importance of subtitles, creating one for a film or video is not a big deal. Tujju Media offers professional subtitles and captions for film and video projects. You can request subtitles for non-native speakers or other types to work with the projects. 

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