What To Consider Before Choosing Dubbing or Subtitling

June 13, 2022

What should be considered before choosing dubbing or subtitling? Recently, it seems that the use of movie streaming platforms has exploded. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people work from home—and have more free time to spend time with their families.

Well, when enjoying watching movies together, usually there will be a team who prefers to watch the dubbed or subtitled version. Luckily, there are many movie streaming platforms that provide both versions. However, what are the differences between the two?

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What is Dubbing or Subtitling?

If traced to the context of language, dubbing itself has a meaning as the process of recording the voice of the dubber (usually the text has been translated into the local language) to transfer the original voice of the film actor.

While the subtitle itself has the meaning of a piece of audio content that is translated into written text. This subtitle will later be placed under the video so that the audience can read it while watching the film.

The Difference Between Dubbing or Subtitling

Actually, knowing the difference between dubbing and subtitling is very easy. In essence, the dubbed film will make us enjoy the film based on the change in sound as well as the language of the original version (experiencing localization).

Meanwhile, in the subtitled version, the audience can read the translated content on the screen and can immediately hear the actor's voice. How is it easy to distinguish between the two?

What Are the Advantages of Dubbing?

As we all know, not everyone is gifted with the ability to see and read a subtitle in the content. Some of them can only rely on hearing aids. Thus, the existence of dubbing is one solution for them to be able to enjoy the film. In cases like this, dubbing has an important role in touching the hearts of the audience more deeply.

In addition, dubbing is also able to adapt to many cultural differences and languages of foreign countries to local countries. So, in the end, this content will become a boom.

Although we often see dubbing content revolving around children's animation or specifically for the visually impaired, in fact, dubbing films are suitable for anyone. Dubbing films can also attract the attention of audiences who previously did not understand the original cultural context of the film (because it has been localized).

What Are the Advantages of Subtitling?

Broadly speaking, cost is a big differentiator between dubbing and subtitling. Because dubbing incurs additional costs and preparation starting from dubber experts, equipment for recording dubbing, and others.

Therefore, the most effective solution to reduce production costs is subtitling. In addition to helping those who may have problems with hearing aids, Subtitles also still use the original voice of the actor. That way, we can appreciate their acting skills as a whole.

Thus begins a discussion of what to consider when choosing dubbing or subtitling. In essence, both versions have advantages and disadvantages. However, whatever the difference, it does not affect the quality of the film. Hope this article was useful!

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